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1216 182nd St SW
 Lynnwood, WA 98037

Gus and Jack Moving Company
Moving to your Comfort

Gus and Jack Moving company started three years ago, our goal is to treat our clients like family. We own our own trucks and we are honored to serve the Snohomish, king county and beyond. 


We have few packages to help people accommodate their needs. Our popular packages are:

  1. Gus and Jack Special which comes with two or three movers, truck and all the equipment needed to move furniture from homes or apartments.   
  2. Tthe Super package for large moves, it comes with 4 or more movers, two trucks and all the  equipment needed , this package also help clients pack if needed.   
  3.  Dump or goodwill move, We can move all items needed to the goodwill or to the dump. Prices are very reasonable. 
Gus and Jack Moving Company

Our movers are friendly and will work with you to help make the move stress free. We simply care about people and we will do any thing to make our clients comfortable.